The Return of the Dolphins

In this time of the Coronavirus, what kind of stories are you telling?

Stories world-over are about the virus. We feel scared by statistics and new societal restrictions, but we also feel inspired by Brazilians clanging pots in protest and Italians making music from balconies.

We are all feeling the Coronavirus reshape our lives. The stories we tell will either bemoan our circumstances or reflect our resilience.

With health, safety, and government conditions flipping by the hour, have you lost your sense of life control? What can we do?

Frame the crisis. Notice the types of events we are ruminating over and the words we choose to communicate with. This is how we regain our control. 

For example, I could tell a story about unemployment and virus-canceled interviews, once-available jobs suddenly vanished. The sympathy and encouragement I would receive for telling these stories would make me want to tell it again and again.

But – my story in the time of the Coronavirus is about being pushed beyond the edges of my creativity in order to sustain my income, and how liberating that feels. My story is about an abundance of connection with others despite social distancing. I am telling stories about how the dolphins are returning to the coastlines of Italy and how China’s now-improved air quality is estimated to have saved tens of thousands of lives.

One story keeps us down and out, dependent on the sympathies of others to feel fueled. The second story uplifts us, offers us options, energizes us from the inside out.

Both stories are true, but let’s choose to tell the second one.

What is your second story?

  • Are you now living out a rom-com because you had that fabulous first date, and now you are lighting candles, pouring wine… and getting to know each other on Zoom?
  • Is your story a daring adventure because you spotted the damn toilet paper hoarder in action and shouted, “Not on my watch!” as you heroically redistributed the contraband to other needy souls?
  • Are you in a sitcom coexisting with stir-crazy kids who only know one nursery rhyme? Or tin-foil-hat-wearing roommates…who only know one nursery rhyme?


Right now, we have the option to re-frame this crisis and use this virus to claim personal and collective victories, and to rediscover our sense of humor and hope.

What stories have you been telling? What could your second story be?

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Please be mindful of what you say. There’s a real person on the other side reading your message.

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Tiffany Ranalli

Tiffany Ranalli

Tiffany Ranalli is a writer, life coach and tarot reader with a focus on helping others shift their mindsets in order to achieve their goals. She also believes in making spiritual concepts practical, no matter what people's backgrounds or beliefs are. Tiffany created SistahFlame Tarot to help people see their blind spots and make the most of their lives, right now! You can find her at www.tiffanylives.com

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