2020 is Arguably the Best Year to Quarantine and Chill

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If you were to be forced to stay inside, isolate yourself, and social distance, what better time than the digital age? Seriously. Think about how much time we already spend on our digital version of reality. What better time to quarantine and chill than the age of streaming video in 4k and free access into celebrities’ personal lives. We have already begun the transition to work from home, telecommute, telemedicine, online degree programs and web-based activities since Al Gore created the internet


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This is giving us the opportunity to flex our digital prowess. 


What we can focus on now is how to humanize the digital age. Mark Zuckerberg was on to something huge when he took Facebook Groups Into a worldwide campaign. Granted it was a rebranding campaign- but still! Facebook groups are an excellent way of connecting and cheering yourself up in these dark times. Let’s use technology to our advantage and reach out and touch each other- no germs involved.


If you weren’t a fan of social media before or you do not like how it changed our society, consider how it has helped and how it will.


I want to truly imagine the virus that shall not be named would have done to industry and society if we hadn’t migrated to the cloud and digitized our world. If we didn’t have a way to face-time our families and unite via live feeds with chat enabled! We would have truly been isolated.  


Start your imaginations:


Those adorable 1950’s operators would have been on OVERLOAD! Think about several children in a household having to fight over the telephone to call their friends! Homes without TVs or laptops. No access to media online- reading the same books that have been on your bookshelf since 1945. I would imagine 80-90% of the workforce would have been out of work. We wouldn’t have had access to breaking news without TV, Radio, and the internet.


Annnnd Scene!


The Coronavirus has devastated countless industries, taken many innocent lives and is still on a path of terror throughout the Earth—and this is exactly why we must quarantine and chill and come together. We must shed our negative opinions about the “like generation” and possibly the vanity of social platforms. We must use these connectors as they were intended to be used. Share your stories, support your communities, and thrive online. 


2020 was supposed to be my year, maybe yours too but now we’re all sick and running out of toilet paper! It could become another roaring 20s golden age- in fact the 1920s did trail a pandemic. We can unite and grow stronger against pandemic, illness, and most importantly hatred, mental illness, and negativity. The CVN wants to get weird with who we are as humans in 2020. 


We want to challenge each other to share our stories and grow stronger! 


Stay healthy out there and stay tuned to our stories here in your locale. We are looking for Ambassadors to help create a strong movement of positivity. 


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Kat D

Kat D

Kat Daley is a freelance marketing professional who wants to help communities in need during this time. Originally from Ohio but now quarantined in California, Kat aims to bring humans together through inspirational stories and the CVN community.

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