Is There a Vaccine for Crazy?

As neighboring Nashville has recently announced a mask mandate, let’s hope that Nashvillians and Williamson County residents don’t respond the way some of the residents of Palm Beach County, Florida reacted when their local government was preparing to vote on a mask requirement.  I watched the video of the many head-scratching statements and mind-blowing accusations […]

Coronavirus: Standardizing New Protocols in Health Care Settings

Protocols have been shown to reduce patient distress and improved standardization and communication. As well as providing efficient health care delivery. Lilia G. Ashe is the founder of Saludable Latina women’s Health and Wellness. And certified PCSS Project Coordinator. She has provided her expertise and knowledge to talk about standardizing new protocols in health care […]

Who Is That Masked Man?

I’m shopping at my local grocery store, wearing a Covid mask, and examining organic double-stuff Oreos, when a middle-aged guy with a beer belly and a stereotypical Southern accent, says in my direction, “Real men don’t wear masks.” With that I turn away, reach into my pocket, then into my grocery cart, and when I […]

What to Do if you Run Out of Formula during Quarantine

The Coronavirus Pandemic is causing a lot of panic across the World. Causing a lot of people to stock pile on essential items. I have gone into stores multiple times to discover that they have ran out of formula. So what do you do if you run out of formula?

How Minority Healthcare Workers are Responding to COVID-19

Photo Credits: Piyathida S. Jankowski, RN. What is your experience serving COVID-19 patients? Piyathida S Jankowski, Registered Nurse, Pomona, NJ. “I’m a bedside nurse on the Med-Surgical floor and have been floated to the COVID unit. In South Jersey, we have lower cases than North Jersey. We’re still not yet overwhelmed with the patients coming […]

50 Things To Do In Quarantine

50 things to do in quarantine

It’s no secret that people are getting bored at home during the lockdown, but there are plenty of things to do in quarantine without having to go out anywhere. read more

The Andy Griffith Show in the Time of Coronavirus

Andy: Barney, why are you wearing an Army gas mask? You look ridiculous. Barney: (muffled, unintelligible words) Andy:  I don’t understand a word you’re saying. Take that thing off; you’re gonna scare the children.  (Barney pulls the mask off, smooths his hair back down.) Andy: Where did you get a gas mask, for heaven’s sake? […]

Working at the COVID-19 Frontlines: A Malaysian teen’s first-hand experience

Even after I’m off my shift at 9pm, my entire body is tensed up. Ankles and wrists audibly crackling, I peel off my PPE* slowly, trying not to touch the external layer. I dump it all into the yellow Clinical Waste Only bin and sanitise my hands. *(PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment.) Phew! This is not […]