Is There a Vaccine for Crazy?

As neighboring Nashville has recently announced a mask mandate, let’s hope that Nashvillians and Williamson County residents don’t respond the way some of the residents of Palm Beach County, Florida reacted when their local government was preparing to vote on a mask requirement.  I watched the video of the many head-scratching statements and mind-blowing accusations […]

The Andy Griffith Show in the Time of Coronavirus

Andy: Barney, why are you wearing an Army gas mask? You look ridiculous. Barney: (muffled, unintelligible words) Andy:  I don’t understand a word you’re saying. Take that thing off; you’re gonna scare the children.  (Barney pulls the mask off, smooths his hair back down.) Andy: Where did you get a gas mask, for heaven’s sake? […]

Coronavirus Paint-By-Numbers

Someone once said that “numbers cannot tell stories.” But I beg to differ. Sometimes the number is the story. Other times a number gives accent to the story. On occasion, a number can even paint a picture. In my various readings about the coronavirus over the past few weeks, I’ve been collecting some numbers that tell some stories and paint a few pictures.

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

My son, Cameron, a graduating senior at Belmont University, wrote this fun piece and gave me permission to share it with my readers.  I don’t know if he’s familiar with Gabriel Marquez’s novel “Love in the Time of Cholera,” but what I like about Cameron’s poem is that it’s 367 pages shorter, and it has […]

Coronavirus Haiku — 24 Poems x 17 Syllables

My wife’s uncle, Don Holroyd, was a beloved English professor at York College in Pennsylvania for decades.  A lover of haiku poetry and a published poet in the classic Japanese form of 5-7-5 syllables in its three short lines, Don taught me to appreciate the reading and the writing of haiku.  I helped him get […]

Seinfeld in the Time of Coronavirus

(Jerry is in his apartment, on the cell phone with George) George: I’m losing it, Jerry. I don’t know how much longer I can take it. Being cooped up because of this crayon virus.  Jerry: Coronavirus  George: What? Jerry: You said crayon virus. It’s coronavirus.  George: Crayon, canyon, corona, it doesn’t matter. I’m going nuts, […]

Marital Survival Guide During the Coronavirus: Personality Differences Make a Difference

The Enneagram  is one of the original personality tools, and it is experiencing an astounding resurgence of interest by personality researchers, authors, counselors, and the general public.  Noting that how we view and respond to people and life events is influenced by our personality, someone had some fun with suggesting how the nine different Enneagram […]

9/11 and the Coronavirus: The Similarities and Differences

The tornadoes touched down in middle Tennessee early in the morning of March 3rd.  There was very little warning. Not that there weren’t any weather alerts or sirens. But even for those who heard the warnings there was not much time.  Some came within just minutes of serious injury and probable death. For others the […]