Quarantine Conversation with Lisa Giesler -Speaker, Author, Consultant, Professional Organizer

Adam and God, Social Distancing Edition

How has your life changed during this coronavirus pandemic? 

My life has changed during this coronavirus pandemic with the social distancing, wearing a mask, and living a semi quarantine life. When I am feeling whiny, I have to put things in perspective and say to myself, “My husband is still working virtually and no one in my immediate family has been sick, so I really shouldn’t complain”. I am a very social person and I love talking and laughing with face-to-face conversations with people. It has been so weird to go into the grocery store and not be able to smile at others. I wear glasses and they get fogged while I’m wearing a mask. When my glasses are fogged, I feel a little disoriented. I have allergies so when I sneeze, I giggle because I know others are freaked out. It is the mask-making me sneeze. Instead of the hassle of trying to find different places to shop, Amazon has been my friend. Some people complain and say, “Don’t shop there, they’re taking business away from small companies”. That is probably true, but they are also providing jobs for locals. Amazon makes it very easy to order, pay, and if the item is wrong, they make it extremely easy to return. 

What positives have come from this pandemic?

The thing I have loved is that I have been wanting for a couple of years to shift from hands-on organizing to more virtual organizing coaching and consulting. Now that I have the extra time, it really caused me to step up to the plate by redoing my website and my branding. Because of my reputation as a professional organizer and a friendly person, I have been touched by the women reaching out, struggling, and just wanting to have a conversation with me. I enjoy being able to guide them in whatever life transitions they were going through. And that is a whole other topic. 

All The Free Time

I really have not had a lot of free time. It is amazing when you are at home you can market your business, do office work, talk to others on social media, and even your family. I have even used the time to organize all the spaces in my home and gasp… even clean my house. I am also cooking more which means there are more dishes and kitchen cleaning to do.

Things I Have Enjoyed

I have thoroughly enjoyed the groups that I’m involved in on Facebook. One of the groups is about eight of us from the NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing) Houston chapter and we have a planning group. We started meeting once a month in person and now it is weekly via Zoom. It is a time of checking in and accountability with one another in our industry. The other group that I have been involved in is with Ell Duclos – Boss Girl Bloggers. She has really created a great community of amazing women bloggers from all over the world. With technology at our fingertips, we are all a Skype or Zoom call away. It feels like friends on the other side of the globe. 

Ideas For Helping Other Bloggers

With money being tight for many people I would love to propose a type of barter system. We would have to put parameters on it. It could look like: X service for X time is valued at X dollars and those who choose to participate would have to agree. Anyway, I have learned so much as a business owner, but there are certain things technology and bookkeeping that I am terrible at. I know that I have so much to offer. I’m 58, married 36 years, mom, Nana, love to cook, my own organizing business for 12+ years published two books, paid speaking, television appearances, and my educational and experience background. You get the picture.


Coping can be a challenge for people in varying degrees, over the years I have fought depression and have had a few health setbacks. I decided to create a YouTube video called – 5 Ways To A Fabulous Day. It was mostly for me and a reminder for me but wanted to share with others. 

  1. Get a cup coffee or favorite beverage 
  2. Have a time where you say your daily affirmations or devotions, whatever makes you feel motivated 
  3. Make your bed, it really does help 
  4. Take care of one chore around the house, because you know you won’t concentrate until you get it done
  5. Get dressed, makeup, lipstick, or whatever makes you feel fabulous 

Now you can get your day going! I hope you have enjoyed all these thoughts on how my life has changed during this coronavirus pandemic. Now go and make changes in your life as well. My goal is to create hope for the future and create a splash of fun!

Lisa Giesler -Speaker, Author, Consultant Professional Organizer 

A Time And Place For Everything, LLC



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Lisa Giesler

Lisa Giesler

My name is Lisa. I am a native of New Orleans, wife, mom, nana, coffee lover, organizing consultant, award-winning author, and motivational speaker. I understand that clutter happens not only in our spaces but in our head (thoughts and beliefs) that causes us to feel stuck in life. I am here to help you to achieve your goals and find your joy and purpose in life.

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